About Us – 86 York

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About Us

86YORK For women by women was started by a group of working moms working in the fashion industry based out of New York. 

As our country continues to figure out how we'll move forward in this new world, we want to help our communities continue to express themselves while being able to protect themselves and others.

All of our face masks are made of the highest quality materials, and include all the safety features of a high quality mask. We have spent months perfecting the right features while keeping the costs down for our communities.

We've made an added effort to make our masks as fashionable as possible with dozens of designs for adults and kids. Wearing a mask will be the new normal, but that doesn't mean you can't look good or feel confident wearing one!

As demand for our products grows we are committed to both keeping our quality extremely high and our prices affordable, we have opened up workshops with our neighbors to the north as well as some partnerships with workshops overseas in Vietnam China and the Philippines. 

All of our masks are inspected, certified, and shipped from our warehouses in California or New York