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About Us

About Us

86 York is a women-owned and operated design company based in NYC with a mission to create happiness by offering versatile fashion accessories to inspire and empower women. 


We pledge that we will not design, make, or sell any products that we won't love or use ourselves.

Offering a range of uniquely designed products, 86 York aims to make your life easier with versatile, custom pieces that make you feel empowered and beautiful. 

We love our tangle-free layering necklaces. With our “Make It Unique” customizer, you can create the necklace of your (or a loved one’s) dreams. It’s the perfect gift for all seasons and occasions.

We hope you enjoy our designs, but we want you to own your style. 

Our Values


The emotion is evoked by well-being or by the prospect of possessing what one desires. At 86 York, we want to provide our customers that joy through our products. 


Balance is at the core of living a fulfilling life. At 86 York, we want to create a balance of design and function to inspire one to live a fulfilling life. 


Represents a person's true nature or beliefs. At 86 York, we promise to ourselves and our customers that we will be as authentic and as transparent as we can. 


The process of becoming stronger and more confident in life. At 86 York, empowering our customers is the ultimate achievement. We want everyone to look, feel, and become their best.