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How to Build the Necklace Of Your Dreams!

As Valentine’s Day or Galentine's approaches, you might be wondering what to gift your loved one or even yourself this year. Of course, you can go with the classic: chocolates and a teddy bear. Or you can get them a simple necklace from a jewelry store. However, this year, you might want to find something more unique and personable. Something they or yourself will keep forever and absolutely adore. If so, you should consider getting a customized necklace from 86 York.  

86 York is offering a unique gift that you and your loved ones will cherish for years to come: a custom necklace. This necklace is an ideal gift for those who can seem hard to shop for, have a distinctive sense of style, or wants something completely unique and made for them. You can customize these necklaces to fit their needs and wants completely, so they will seamlessly fit in their style and life. This necklace will be an absolutely treasured gift that can make anyone feel special and loved! 


Buying gifts for a jewelry lover can also be difficult. They own so many pieces that it can be difficult to track and ensure that you are not getting them a replica of something they already own. With this unique necklace, you will never have to worry about buying someone something they already own. Instead, every time they look at their new custom necklace, they will be reminded of you and feel confident knowing nobody else has a necklace like theirs! 

These necklaces give you limitless options, so you can be as creative as you want. You can add up to seven silver or gold layered chains for a chic, layered look. These chains range from 14” to 20” in length, and each chain comes with the option to add a pendant to it. So, you can add as many or as few pendants as you want to create the necklace of your dreams!

These pendants come in a range of sizes, styles, and shapes. From the classic gold heart locket to the more daring stones, you will never get bored by the combinations you can create. You can design the necklace to match you or your loved one’s other jewelry to create a cohesive look. This way you do not have to worry about your other accessories not matching your necklace. Or you can take a risk and create a fun, bold new necklace to add to your collection. The choice is yours. 

To get started on creating your necklace, simply visit . Here you will be able to pick your chains and pendants. You can experiment with different styles by clicking and changing the metals, pendants, and chains. Once you have finished creating your necklace and are satisfied, simply add it to your cart and purchase when you are ready! We are sure you and your loved ones will love receiving this unique and stunning gift this Galentine’s or Valentine’s Day!