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All About Our Tangle Free Finding

One trend that seems to have taken over the fashion world is the concept of layering. Whether that be your clothes or your accessories, the more you have on, the better! 

If you haven’t shopped at 86 York before, then you wouldn’t know that we specialize in custom, layered necklaces! We also have a wide variety of pre-layered necklace sets for you to choose from! Here are some of our favorites: 

  1. The Paula Pre-Layered Set 

This first of our pre-layered necklace sets are perfect for all of your silver jewelry fans out there! Our Paula Pre-Layered Set comes with four necklaces, as well as a pendant to add a little something unique to the piece! It’s the perfect addition to any outfit and is available on our website to purchase now! 

Paula Set

  1. The Stacy Pre-Layered Set 

This next set is simple, yet stunning! Purchase this all-gold set and add the pendant for a pop of color. Wear them layered or just individually - available to purchase now! 

Stacy Set

  1. Chrissy Pre-Layered Set

This last set is one of our favorites! Add a little pop to your outfit with this piece, accented with white howlite beads! Marble fan? You’re going to love the fun pendant that’s included with this set - shop now! 

Chrissy Set

Now, we all know the struggles of layering necklaces. The tangles, the knots, the twisting can almost be more trouble than it’s worth. But, not anymore, thanks to 86 York! 

Say hello to our Tangle Free Faith! This unique piece that we have designed takes all the stress away from layering necklaces - you’re welcome! Coming in both gold and silver, the Tangle Free Faith is easy to use and to wear! 

Tangle Free Faith

Simply attach both ends of your necklace to the hooks on the back and you’re ready to go! Stack up to four different necklaces - the magnetic clasp makes it easy to add or remove pieces and to take off when the day is done!

Rock your pieces stress-free and in style! And you’re in luck! Right now, we’re giving away a free Tangle-Free Faith with any layered necklace purchase! Be sure to shop at 86 York today and try out the Tangle-Free Faith for yourself!