86 York: How Is Jewelry Related To Joy & Self-Love?

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86 York: How Is Jewelry Related To Joy & Self-Love?

Amidst the slew of constantly rotating trends, classic and chic jewelry always reign supreme. Arguably, our social media feeds are filled to the brim with versatile, stackable slim rings, jewelry layering aficionados with rows upon rows of coveted necklaces, and, of course, signature pieces. It’s safe to say that jewelry is 2022’s most-appreciated gift because, as 86 York explains it, it’s all about the joy of receiving a dazzling that skews lustrous and minimal. But how exactly do joy and jewelry go hand in hand in every fashion trailblazer’s mind?

For 86York, the women-owned and operated design company based in NYC, creating happiness by offering versatile fashion accessories to inspire and empower women has been the driving force behind each one of their collections. “Fashion is about something that comes from within you” mentioned Ralph Lauren, “Fashion is Psychology” Carolyn Mair added, and for most of us, both hypotheses are equally true. In reality, every fashion-savvy gal out there can agree on one thing: shopping for clothing and accessories can be a form of self-care.

You can’t deny that happiness isn’t directly related to the things we buy, but to the emotions that get fueled by our motivations for ordering gorgeously-crafted personalized jewelry that make us feel empowered and beautiful. For women with an eye for all-year-round jewelry, every new purchase triggers a rush of dopamine, which creates feelings of joy.

While every ensemble could benefit from a touch of sparkle, jewelry also enhances our mood, motivate us to gain back our confidence, and make us feel on top of our game. Consider it as a beautiful way to navigate through the chaotic and highly stressful times when staying sane can be a bit hard.

Share love and joy with 86York’s jewelry collection

86 York’s tangle-free layered necklace collection makes the entire process of keeping your necklaces separate while worn a breeze. From dainty 16K genuine gold plated styles that can be worn through the day to silver layering chains that allow infinite mixing-and-matching possibilities, there is something for every aesthetic.

Their unique design studio is the perfect option for everyone who wants to build their dream personalized layered necklace from scratch. For each chain added, you have the option of adding a pendant to it.

While self-gifting is also permitted, 86 York’s collection is the perfect opportunity to treat your loved one with the gift of joy on Valentine’s day too.