86 York’s Sustainability Initiative

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86 York’s Sustainability Initiative

When looking for New Year’s gifts, few people consider if the jewelry's material came from a sustainably mined region or an unsustainably mined region. Many pieces of jewelry, like fast fashion, are worn and thrown away in a short period of time. Where do these thrown-away pieces of jewelry end up? They end up in landfills! When these pieces of jewelry are unable to biodegrade, hazardous poisons are released.

Having recognized the environmental impact of fast fashion jewelry, 86 York is proud of its sustainability campaign. 86 York is proud of its commitment to manufacturing ethical jewelry. As a company, we make every effort to produce as little waste as possible while maintaining the highest possible quality for our consumers.

In order to achieve our objective of becoming a greener company, 86 York offers a recycling program that allows customers to recycle old jewelry that they have purchased from the company. Whether it's recycling and trading in an old piece of jewelry (at least 2 years old) for a new piece by melting it down and reforming it into a new piece of jewelry, or just recycling the old pieces of jewelry and receiving a 50% discount on the next purchase!

This recycling service enables both the company and its customers to enjoy fast-fashion jewelry while avoiding waste that is harmful to the environment.

If you want to contribute to less waste and a minimal environmental impact while enjoying fast-fashion jewelry, visit 86york.com. 86 York has a large selection of eco-friendly jewelry that may be worn on a daily basis.