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2021 Jewelry Trends That Are Taking Over the Fashion World

When it comes down to it, jewelry trends are almost always changing. And it can be hard to keep up! Gold or silver, chunky or dainty - which one do you choose? Well, here is a little bit of a guide for you on the most popular jewelry trends as of late And of course, how you can stay up to date with the latest in 86 York accessories! 

1.  Pearl Jewelry 

Up first is one that has been everywhere this year. And that is pearl accessories & jewelry. Pearl (especially Baroque style) detailed trends have been all of the rage this year. Whether you’re looking to add a splash of elegance to an everyday look or you are headed to the office, the pearl trend is perfect for everyone! Don’t have a pearl piece in your collection yet? We have your back! Shop these Pearl items from 86 York:


2. Beaded Necklaces/Bracelets 

Ok, I’m sure you’ve seen this next trend also everywhere. Beaded necklaces are all of the rage right now. Whether they’re multicolored, monochromatic or simply just singular beaded, you’re bound to see someone rocking one of these! 86 York has a variety of beaded necklace options (including the following below) to match your inner style! 

3. Chain Links 

Big or small, gold or silver, it’s time to embrace your inner chain this season!  Although chain-link accessories have been circulating the world of fashion for quite some time, as of lately they are everywhere! The best thing about this trend is how much of a statement you can make depending on the size of the chain! And 86 York has a variety of chain link necklaces (and bracelets too!) to take any of your looks to the next level 

4. Lightly Hammered Textures 

Another huge trend on the fashion scene right now is uneven or mismatched metal textures. This means that the pieces are not your typical classic smooth finish, but rather misshapen, hammered or uneven. Whether that means wavy fun shapes or just a small change on a classic hoop earring, there has been a variety of ways that this concept has been taking over the fashion world. Check out how 86 York can help you hop on this fun trend! 

5. Layered & Tangle Free Necklaces 

When it comes to completing an outfit, a statement necklace is the perfect way to go. Not sure which way to go? Try a layered necklace! Layering necklaces are super trendy right now because it allows you to mix and match your favorite pieces, no matter the style! And you’re in luck - layered necklaces are 86 York’s speciality! Check out some of our pre-layered necklaces or create your own custom one! 

Do your layered necklaces keep getting tangled? Want to get them on in one go? Check out the Tangle Free Faith, our special product that keeps your necklaces separated so you can rock this trend with ease!

Tangle-Free Faith